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Pompano Beach, Florida  April 20, 2016

Ultra Marathon runner, Ray "Reza" Baluchi, age 44, will be attempting a life threatening journey at sea for charity!
Reza Baluchi ( is waiting for the successful winds to be incurred, to begin his journey to run 3,500 in his hand made hydro pod bubble to the Bermuda Triangle. Attempted voyages of April 13 failed, because of bad weather, and in agreement with U.S. Coast Guard which required him to find a support boat. As of today, Reza has found a sponsor, Carefree Boat Club ( that will provide a support boat, which will lead him to international waters. While waiting for the right moment, Reza still creates new ideas for improving his lonely voyage, 3500 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. For example, Reza purchased motorcycle inner tubes, which he is going to fill with food and attach to the metal structure surrounding plastic bubble.
Reza will use technology including a GPS, satellite phone and video camera to record his journey. He will bring a White House flag to display in every destination. He will survive on protein bars, tuna, sea water purified through a filter, Gatorade and chewing gum for sea sickness. Reza will be wearing his hand designed Ultimate life jacket that he created for survival in extreme water sports.
Next attempt running in his bubble, Reza plans to launch out from the Pompano Beach beaches at A1A & 5th Street in the upcoming Friday, April 22, 2016 when the winds should start blowing his way, pushing his bubble where he plans to go.
Reza's five month journey at sea, begins in Pompano Beach, Florida heading North to Jacksonville then East, to Georgia, to Bermuda Triangle, then Puerto Rico, to Haiti then Cuba and back to Key West, with the final destination returning to North Ocean Park in Pompano Beach, Reza plans sprinkle ashes from ground zero in each ocean.

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